The original version of AGSatTrack was developer in 2001 using Visual Basic 6 and c++.

AGSatTrack started as a small hobby project to help me in communicating via Amateur Radio satellites. At the time the were several other programs available but I wanted to have a go at developing my own.
The core of the application was developed in Visual Basic 6 and I used other open source projects to assist, such as xearth and sgp libraries.
The program was originally released as ‘send me an email ware’, interestingly cracks started to appear for the program that are still available today !
Due to other priorities the program was left for some considerable time until 2012/13 when I started to work on the cross platform version.

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    Open Source

    The original code is now available on GitHub.

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    The code is provided for reference only. There are several licence dependencies that mean the code cannot be built.

Exploring the code on GitHub

I have uploaded all of the code required for the original version of AGSatTrack to my GitHub account. I am not sure if the code can still be built as I no longer have my copy of Visual Basic 6, besides there is little need to build the code any more as the later versions of AGSatTrack are designed to run on more modern platforms.

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    This is the main repository containing all of the visual basic code. It also contains the last built executables and dependencies AGSatTrack-vb on GitHub

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    AGGlobe is a fork of the original xearth prpject for Windows. Several modifications were made to the code to allow it to be used in AGSatTrack AGGlobe on Github

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    SGP Dll

    This is a c++ implementation of the SGP Simplified perturbations models. The original was forked from the c++ conversion by Varol Okan in 1996 SGP Dll on GitHub