Around 2001 I developed a windows based satellite tracking program mainly to assist me with the use of Amateur radio satellites. The program can still be found here.

Shortly after its release I started to look at cross platform technology which would allow me to port the program to both Linux and OSX. At the time I could not find anything that would make the port easy so left it!

In late 2012 I stumbled across the Satellite Orbit Tracker project on GitHub which had a very nice rendering of a globe. I started to dig around and found that it was using another open source project on GitHub called Cesium.

The Cesium engine looked like it could help form the basis of an online version of agsattrack and I started to experiment. By early Feb 2013 the first version of went live.

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    Web Based

    The code is entirely developed in HTML, Javascript, PHP and CSS

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    Open Source

    AGSatTrack is Open Source. The code is freely available on GitHub

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    Mobile Versions

    Mobile and portable versions are under development. These are designed to work on various hardware

Web Based

100% web based Satellite tracking with support for all modern browsers

3D View

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Pass Predictions

Find pass predictions for your location as well as mutual pass predictions

Multiple Views

7 different view. List View, 3D View, Polar View, Pass Prediction, Sky View, Timeline View and DX View

3D models